"In der Partie der vor Eifersucht rasenden Bradamante brennt Katarina Bradic ein wahres Koloraturen-Feuerwerk ab."

Siegbert Kopp, Südkurier



"Katarina Bradic fue una Bradamante todoterreno, tanto desde el punto de vista vocal como escénico. Gustó mucho por la calidad de su instrumento, técnica y expresividad en “È gelosia”."


Albert Garriga, Ópera Actual



"Si Bradamante l’emporte aux points scéniquement, il en va de même vocalement, tant Katarina Bradić a encore gagné depuis Aix sur la conception d’un personnage dont elle possède toutes les caractéristiques : la plastique insolente jusqu’à l’androgynie, l’abattage du jeu, mais surtout la moirure d’une voix défiant la vocalise avec aplomb."


Jean-Luc Clairet, Resmusica



"Bradamante è una Katarina Bradic perfetta nel ruolo della femmina dominatrice."


Stefano Nardelli, Il giornale della musica


"Katarina Bradic, a Serbian mezzo, showed off her extremely full range in the title role, singing and acting with a fierce commitment that was reminiscent of Shaw’s own fearless style. (More than once, I found myself thinking of the actress’s now-legendary Medea on Broadway in 2002.) Bradic, a DOB ensemble member for the past four seasons, is a versatile performer with a sumptuously textured voice who seems equally at home singing Handel, Mahler or Mascagni. But with Lucretia she has made an even more immediate and penetrating impression."

A.J. Goldmann, Opera News



"... outstanding ... a mezzo of real quality throughout the whole range, whatever the dynamics, and a striking actress."
John McCann, Opera UK



"As the title heroine, Katarina Bradić proved a force of nature, her lower register darkly alluring and opening up to a thrilling top. Exciting though her singing was, Bradić dipped down into her chest register only occasionally to imbue the most dramatic moments of the opera with an additional sense of danger. Whenever she was on-stage, she was fully in control, with purpose behind every move. Her steely resolve in the final scene was thrilling... ."

Aksel Tollåli, Bachtrack (January 2017)



"Eine geradezu ideale Interpretin der Lucretia hatte man in der schönen Katarina Bradic gefunden, die ihrem schlanken Mezzosopran die ganze emotionale Palette von Sehnsucht bis Verzweiflung abzugewinnen vermochte."

U. Ehrensberger, Das Opernglas



"Katarina Bradić delivered the evening’s strongest performance as Carmen, both dramatically and vocally. Her Carmen was almost girlish at times, and there was a knowing innocence to her arias, going less for the all-out sexual predator that Carmen often can be. Her phrases were surprisingly long, and she sang very properly... her Carmen was engaging."

Aksel Tollåli, Bachtrack



"Katarina Bradic rose movingly to the title role's dramatic development."

Carlos Maria solare, Opera UK



"... Katarina Bradic mit erdig glutendem Mezzo. Sie ist die Beste hier!"

Kai Luehrs-Kaiser, Kulturradio



"The Serbian Katarina Bradic contributed an impressive, affectlingly self-effacing Suzuki..."
John McCann, Opera UK